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Maximise Your Advertising Success with Machine Learning: The Powerful New Tool from Facebook!

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, but did you know that both Meta and Google have been using machine learning long before ChatGPT became publicly available?

Getting An Advantage With Meta Advantage.

Facebook has recently rebranded its automated ad products to Meta Advantage. This rebranding includes two groups, Advantage and Advantage+, both of which offer the option of manually creating ads or using an automated system. Advantage+ products provide automation for the entire campaign creation process or one of the five steps for manual Ads Manager campaign creation.

Screenshot of Facebook Advantage+ Shopping

Meta recently launched Advantage+ Shopping campaigns in response to the growing trend of automation in advertising. This new feature uses Machine Learning to help e-commerce advertisers reach their target audience more efficiently with less setup time. With Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, businesses can rely on Meta’s AI to take care of audience targeting and some ad creative elements, generating up to 150 creative options based on uploaded assets and displaying the best-performing ads on different channels. Businesses we’ve tested Advantage+ Shopping campaigns have seen a significant reduction in cost per action and an increase in return on ad spend.

Advantage+ Creative

Why You Should Use Advantage+ Shopping.

We forget that Meta is really good at finding people more likely to buy. Advantage+ Shopping campaigns offer a quick and easy setup process, they use Machine Learning to create effective ad combinations, target new and existing customers with personalised product offerings, and deliver the highest-performing ad variation to valuable high-intent shoppers.

How Is Advantage+ Shopping Similar To Performance Max?

Both platforms utilise Machine Learning technology to help businesses create more effective and efficient ad campaigns. The algorithms used by both systems analyse vast amounts of data to identify the most relevant and high-performing ad creatives, targeting, and bidding strategies.

Advantage+ Shopping and Performance Max both provide automated solutions for advertisers, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Both Facebook’s Advantage+ Shopping and Google’s Performance Max prioritise delivering personalised, relevant ads to users. This helps businesses reach their target audiences more effectively and ultimately drive more conversions and sales.

As advertisers continue to seek ways to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and deliver a more personalised experience to consumers, the use of Machine Learning in advertising is expected to continue grow.

We’ve jumped onboard to this technology, have you? Interested to learn more? Let’s chat! 

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Maximise Your Advertising Success with Machine Learning: The Powerful New Tool from Facebook!

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