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3 Facebook Ads Pro Tips That Actually Work in 2023

The Apple privacy update turned Facebook advertising on its head at the end of 2020.

Before September 2020’s iOS 14 update, Facebook (now Meta) used to be able to accurately track what most of its users did online. This made it fairly easy to serve ads to people they thought would most likely take action on that ad. 

Most businesses we talk to are finding it really hard to make Facebook ads work let alone be profitable in 2023. What worked pre-iOS14 and what works now are very different.

Here are 3 Facebook ads pro tips that actually work in 2023:

1. Build your email list.

There’s no question that email marketing is the ‘OG’ of marketing so having an email marketing (first-party data) strategy is more important than ever before. As third-party cookies benign disappear it’s more important than ever to collect information on contacts with their consent. According to Shopify, the value of an email contact rose from $18 in 2021 to $35 in 2022 (and we expect this trend to continue throughout 2023).

Facebook has a really great tool built into Ads Manager called ‘Lead Ads’. Instead of sending users to a landing page where they fill out a lead form on your website, Facebook lead ads allow customers to access your offers without ever leaving the Facebook app and gain the information they want with a few simple taps. 

2. Video is non-negotiable.

We’re now at a point in 2023 where investing in quality content that converts is the standard when it comes to Facebook ads.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram announced in 2021 that Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app and pushing toward a more video-centric platform.
The rise of TikTok has also highlighted the importance of short-form value-based content that converts.

Ensure your videos are grabbing your audience’s attention within the first three seconds with lots of motions, making the product the hero and text overlay when videos are on silent. Use custom metrics like ‘3-second video plays divided by impressions’ to get an ideal ‘thumb-stop ratio’ (aim for 40% and above)

3. Prioritise Story & Reel Placements

Facebook is closely watching Tiktok in their rearview mirror as they’re fast becoming a platform not to be ignored.

With the rapid increase in TikTok’s popularity, it’s no wonder Facebook has gone ahead and directly copied this with Reels. The look and feel of this placement are uncanny to TiktTok.

Short 15-second iPhone shot videos that tease the user with hooks like ‘Things TikTok made me buy” and “I wish I knew this before…” are becoming standard.
Adding this type of content and prioritising Story & Reel placements is key to getting cheaper clicks and better conversions.

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3 Facebook Ads Pro Tips That Actually Work in 2023

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