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How To Begin Your TikTok Advertising Journey

A few years ago, people were saying “what is this TikTok thing?” – now it is growing into one of the biggest and most utilises platforms in the world. So why does this mean anything to your business?

Well, in just a few short years, TikTok has seen exponential growth with over one billion active monthly users… It’s going bonkers! The younger generation are incredibly ready for short form video content and they are craving their interests to be piqued in bite-sized snippets that can lead them eventually convert on a product or service page. It’s no surprise that the TikTok users engage with this content incredibly well and the ease of making quality videos allows anyone with a smart phone to participate in the platform, which is extremely accessible and cost effective.

So while organic results provide a healthy ROI for brands and businesses on TikTok, the paid advertising platform is starting to play a big part in digital strategies around the globe and with an ever-increasing cost per acquisition on both Facebook & Instagram, TikTok marketing becomes a viable option for businesses looking for an ROI.

So here is how you can begin your TikTok Paid Ads journey and the unlimited potential for brand awareness and conversions associated with the platform. The team at Reform Digital have put together an explanation of how to start up TikTok Ads and the benefits that come with it!

How To Set Up Ads on TikTok

Similar to the Facebook Ads Manager, TikTok Ads Manager is a breeze to set up:

1. Begin by creating a TikTok Ads account if you don’t have one and select your billing country or region, as well as your intent to use the account for business purposes (as opposed to an individual promotion).

2. You’ll be prompted to complete a generic questionnaire asking for your email address and/or a phone number, password and some verification codes.

3. Agree to the terms and conditions and hit ‘Sign Up’.

4. You will have to wait a minute while your brand is approved (normally no longer than 24 hours), but you can login to your dashboard and complete the final account set up requirements as prompted.

5. You are now ready to kick off TikTok Ad campaigns.

How To Create Ad Campaigns On TikTok

Creating Ads on ad manager is important for promoting your brand or product/service, but remember this isn’t the same as boosting your organic posts and content, so ensure you are happy to spend money on ongoing campaigns that you can optimise before following the below steps.

– Create an objective for your ads. You can select between Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, Conversions & Catalogue Sales.

– Name your campaign and allocate a budget to it.

– Name the Ad Group and Select placements for it. The options for placement are TikTok, News Feed App, Pangle & Automatic.

– Decide on whether you want to use automated creative optimisation.

– Establish a target audience.

– Segment your ad groups and confirm schedule for ads.

– Establish and optimise a bidding strategy, whether it be Bid Cap, Cost Cap or Lowest Cost.

– Develop your ads as either Image ads, Video ads, Spark ads, Pangle ads or Carousel ads.

Is TikTok Worth Advertising On?

Absolutely. Looking at TikTok’s recent performance statistics, you can come to this conclusion yourself.

Most notable in 2022, TikTok in Australia has registered that users spend on average 23.4 hours per month on the platform, which is a 40% increase on 2021. Just in Australia, TikTok ads will be able to reach 7.38 million users this year which is an outstanding potential audience to advertise content to.

The platform is predominantly a young audience for the moment, with 43% of the users aged from 18 – 24 years old, with women making up 24.7% of TikTok’s total advertising audience. Simply put, if you are targeting women ages 18-24, TikTok is a fantastic platform for you to advertise on.

With the global reach, the highly focused targeting and the simplicity in which to make content and paid ads on the creator within TikTok, it seems too good not to trial for the moment, making it a very worthwhile platform to advertise on.

If you are considering going TikTok Advertising in Australia and are after a TikTok Ads agency, you can contact us today and discuss with our TikTok Advertising specialists to get a better idea of a solid strategy for your business!

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