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Things To Consider When Creating Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your business, you may be looking for new and innovative ways to reach your target audience. YouTube is a great platform that can help you do just that. However, before you start creating videos and advertising on YouTube, there are a few things you need to consider. In this blog post, we will discuss three important factors that will help you create a successful YouTube marketing strategy!

Organic vs Paid YouTube Marketing Strategy

One of the first things to consider is what type of YouTube marketing you’d like to involve in your strategy. Organic YouTube marketing would be creating great videos to share on the YouTube Platform to be found organically and to be referenced in perhaps other channels you’re using for marketing purposes. 

This type of YouTube marketing is the one that has built the foundations for why YouTube is so popular – as it is based on content! Organic marketing on YouTube will involve creating engaging content with eye-catching titles that either answer questions and/or provide value to a specific audience. Similarly to SEO, it’s not going to be guaranteed that many people (and the right people) will find your videos but with consistency and promotion, it can create a solid foundation to support your brand on a very popular social media platform. 

Paid YouTube marketing is the process of paying to have your videos appear as an ad before or during other peoples’ content on YouTube. Paid YouTube marketing is used to target specific audiences with your content through demographic targeting, interests, remarketing and more. This type of YouTube marketing is powerful because of its short term promotional abilities on other channels related to what your target audience may be watching. This would allow you to target markets you’re aware of, that are more likely to convert as well. 

Both of these options are great for creating more brand awareness and increasing your conversion rate for your business. Whichever one you choose, depends on your ability to create content and what purpose you’d like to use YouTube marketing for. Long term brand equity and reputation? Perhaps try organic. Short term, highly targeted promotional and brand awareness? Ads may be the way to go.

The Place for Effective Remarketing

In case you’re not familiar with remarketing – remarketing is the strategy of marketing to people that have previously engaged with your business in some way. They might have gone onto your website, perhaps even almost bought a product or liked a photo on your Instagram, and these prospective customers are likely the ones that are most likely to convert because they’re already aware of your business. We like to say that these customers are in the ‘consideration’ stage of the consumer decision-making process. 

Remarketing can be a powerful tool for businesses and especially so on YouTube as it’s known as the 2nd more used search engine after Google so it’s highly likely that you’ll find at least part of your target market there. 

By targeting people who have already visited your website or engaged with your brand in some way, you are more likely to get their attention and convert them into customers when you’re using video content on the platform. If you decide to try YouTube Advertising as part of your marketing strategy, we’d highly recommend considering this method in your campaigns.

It’s a Powerful Tool For Ecommerce

What many might not know about YouTube Advertising is that it can also include your Google Shopping feed. This is a game-changer, in that it can create an ad that allows people to start shopping from the ad you’ve presented to them on YouTube! 


For eCommerce businesses, this is an amazing way to increase your conversion rate as you’re not only targeting potential customers through video content but also giving them the option to start their purchase journey from that same ad. No need for them to click away and go onto your website separately – it can all be done in one place.

And with that, these are 3 things we think you should consider in your next YouTube marketing strategy! What did you think of the above and do you think you’ll use any of them in your next strategy? Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about the capabilities of a YouTube marketing agency and join the digital reform.

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Things To Consider When Creating Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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