bul Clothing Conversion Optimisation Case Study – Oct 2020

bul Clothing are closing in on 3 months working with Reform Digital and the campaign has gone from strength to strength since working together. bul Clothing reached out to Reform Digital for Paid Ads assistance across both Google and Social networks and with all Reform Digital campaigns, there was an element of Conversion Optimisation introduced to the campaign.

By conducting an initial Conversion Audit on the website and offering some recommendations and implementations, Reform Digital have been able to do the following:

That’s right – 41.05% increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate, which leads to a 27.68% increase in transactions and 33.17% increase in revenue for the 3 month period. So what exactly did we do to achieve this?

Utilised the Search Function

Prior to engaging with Reform Digital, the search bar on the Bul Clothing website was less than enticing to use as it was simply just a small icon up the top right hand corner of the menu banner (as most Shopify search bars are). After completing the initial conversion audit, it was identified that:

Users who don’t use search convert at – 0.97% Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Users who do use search convert at – 2.18% Ecommerce Conversion Rate

This was an obvious improvement to be made as the search function, particularly on a fashion brands website, can get visitors to their desired product faster and increase the chance of them converting from that experience.

By simply opening up the search function and making it stand out slightly more in the menu banner, the search bar has been used 57% more since implementing these changes 3 months ago. This increased usage of the search bar is one of the many factors that has contributed to an increased conversion rate for Bul Clothing.

Improved mobile menu functionality

In 2020, it is extremely important that your user experience on mobile is as good (if not better) than your desktop website. For Bul Clothing, mobile makes up 65% of their audience compared to 31% of the audience on desktop and just below 3% of their audience on tablets.

After analysing the data behind their previous mobile menu functionality, there was an opportunity to improve this and our team were able to implement a better menu set up:

As you can see, the new mobile menu not only has a more prominent search bar which contributes to the increased amount of search usage, but it is formatted a lot better and has more defined category search points.

Similarly, when you click through to the product categories on the new mobile menu, the new menu itmes make it much easier to understand where you are going on the website and allows users to have a better experience overall. A better experience leads to more trust in the website which often leads to more conversions.

Payment Icons on Product Pages

One of the best kept secrets in conversion rate optimisation is including payment icons on your product pages. Think about it, with our social ads and google ads campaigns for Bul, each ad will be driving traffic directly to a product page on the website. By optimising the product page and instilling the optimal amount of trust in a user when landing on these pages, we give ourselves the best opportunity to assist our visitors in converting on these pages which leads to more sales.

By just having these icons below you “add to cart” button on product pages, you give visitors confidence that you accept their payment types and that you are a legitimate provider. At the end of the day, providing credit card details online is still one of the trickiest things to convince people to do, so if you can remove any potential blockages from allowing customers to do this, you have every chance of increasing conversions.

For Bul, this change alone has contributed to at least a 15% increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate on the website.


The above 3 changes may seem like common sense and reasonably straight forward changes on a website, but when you analyse the data and understand exactly what the audience is doing through technical analysis, heatmap analysis and user testing, you can pinpoint some specific on page optimisations that are going to help your user’s do what they want to do –


The reason we do conversion optimisation across all of our campaigns at Reform Digital is to help get the most out of our digital marketing efforts, but also to help our clients improve the performance of their website to ensure a proactive and high performing partnership between us.

Bul Clothing are an amazing client and we highly recommend you head online and buy some of their clothes if they interest you. Hopefully some insight into their campaign gets other businesses thinking about what they could be doing to improve conversion rates on their website or reach out to someone with this expertise to help you.

If you would like to chat with us about conversion rate optimisation options for your business, please contact us directly to discuss how the team at Reform Digital can help you and your business!

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