Secrets Shhh


Client Review

"Clear, Concise and excellent results. We are wrapped with the excellent performance Reform Digital have achieved"

Phil Blenkiron – Ecommerce Manager

Our Process

Founded in Noosa, Australia in 2000, Secrets Shhh is inspired by the philosophy that everyone should be able to enjoy the diamond of their dreams.  Combining decades of jewellery experience, Secrets Shhh revolutionised the diamond industry by being first to introduce a high quality diamond alternative. 

Giving customers a Better Choice – one more affordable, more sustainable and more beautiful.

Secrets Shhh wanted results. Plain and simple. After dealing with multiple providers, they are frustrated by the lack of transparency and accountability digital marketing agencies had provided, so the campaign was given pretty strict performance KPI’s of improving all paid advertising by a minimum of 30% year on year. 

Social Ads

A lot of automated campaigns were set up prior to Reform Digital taking over. SMART Shopping and SMART search were two of the most underperforming campaigns and a lot of budget was being dedicated to e brand campaign.

The shopping campaign was branched out, whilst targeting some high performing products for immediate returns. The SMART Search campaign was completely removed and changed to a segmented search campaign that covered both B2C customers and designers who use their lights.

Google Ads

There was next to no strategy, just a couple of remarketing ads with old imagery. By creating some proper funnels, using multiple creatives and organising the remarketing properly, the campaigns were able to maximise their reach and potential conversions.

Our Results

Taking the lighting industry by storm, Barnlight wanted to make a splash in a stagnant industry through paid and organic advertising, along with improving their websites overall conversion rates. 

  • 154%

    Increase Ecommerce Revenue
  • 82%

    Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • 77%

    Increased Organic Traffic
  • 64%

    Increased Online Presence

A lighting company on the rise needed strategic guidance. Reform Digital offered it and so much more!