Offroad Industries


Client Review

"I was always cautious with agencies, now I can't imagine things with one. Thanks Reform Digital!"

James who founded and runs the day to day operations of Offroad Industries outlines how his campaigns are continually producing a return and scaling with Reform Digital:

Our Process

Offroad industries has over a decade of experience in sourcing outstanding overseas automotive accessories for its Australian customers, has never wavered from its core value of offering products that enhance the endurance, safety and appearance of vehicles.

Offroad Industries had a decent name in the industry, but leveraging paid advertising would allow them to reinvest their returns back into brand awareness to build this up even further.

Reform digital was originally tasked with improving social ad results and eventually after producing a 44% increase in social ad revenue, we were asked to improve overall brand awareness and produce similar returns on Google Ads and SEO.

Part #1 – The initial contract with Offroad Industries was to transform their social ads campaigns. Due to the large range of products available on the website, a carousel ad was made to deliver dynamic retargetting ads along with a couple of conversions campaigns to hit the bottom of funnel audience immediately and produce a positive ROAS.

Part #2 – Multi-Channel campaign including SEO, Google Ads, CRO and Social Ads. 

SEO was a blank canvas that required initial keyword research, some technical fixes on the Shopify store development, On Page optimisations and improving the existing off page authority to produce top notch results.

Google Ads required merchant feed optimisations for Google Shopping, breaking the shopping campaigns out into high performing products and updating the existing Dynamic Search Ads to a proper segmented Search Campaign. 

Our Results

Taking the lighting industry by storm, Barnlight wanted to make a splash in a stagnant industry through paid and organic advertising, along with improving their websites overall conversion rates. 

  • 76%

    Increase Ecommerce Revenue
  • 65%

    Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • 112%

    Increased Google Ads Revenue
  • 44%

    Increased Social Ads Revenue

4X4 Accessories selling like hot cakes - a multi-channel strategy that produced incredible results in a tough niche!