Why Should You Pay For SEO Copywriting?

With the rise of many AI-powered writing services such as Chat GPT or Grammarly Go, many business owners have thought about why they need to use a human to write content. Hundreds of natural-sounding words are generated in seconds. It sounds almost too good to be true! 

Well, it is. Don’t get me wrong, AI tools are a fantastic resource for SEO Copywriters like myself, the same way an easel is to a painter. It lays a foundation for writing. 

Google does not punish AI-generated content, “Our focus on the quality of content, rather than how content is produced” (Google Developers), but to connect, convince and show value to clients whilst performing all things SEO, will always need that human touch. 

So here is why paying for copywriting services is still a great investment with great returns. 

What Is SEO Copywriting?

In a nutshell, SEO Copywriting, or Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting, is the process of creating natural-sounding written content for a website that is designed to drive sales traffic. 

Whilst that is a rather mundane way of putting it, the exciting part of having this written content is the chance to help potential customers and connect with your audience. Every time someone searches for something on a search engine (about 8.5 billion a day for Google and 900 million a day for Bing), it is a chance to connect them to your business. 

Great SEO Copywriting focuses on the following: 

  • EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trustworthiness) 
  • Keyword research
  • Tone of voice
  • Internal and external links
  • Organic content 
  • Intended audience

The purpose of all of this is to create content based on an SEO strategy that provides value to those who read it. It makes your website a trusted online source that can help people with their problems and will direct them to your product and service. 

For you as a business owner, this means more traffic to your website and more sales, driving revenue. SEO copywriting is also an organic form of marketing which means the results can greatly outweigh the costs. It takes 4-6 months for an SEO campaign to start showing results, but they can increase exponentially with no additional costs. 

Results 6 Months into a Reform Digital SEO Campaign: 

Seo Copywriting Results

You can view the full post on LinkedIn from Reform Digital CEO, Dave Hyman. 

Why Is Content An Important Part Of SEO?

You can see the results of an expertly run SEO campaign. The results speak for themselves. But a campaign like that has many departments working together and many SEO services. With so many moving parts, why is content an integral part that is worth paying for? 

Well, without written content, there is no value for the customer. Pictures and short ads are fun to watch, but they don’t tell you much, do they? 

Here is an example of a customer’s journey to find a new gym: 


A customer might think that ‘My swimsuit doesn’t fit properly.’ Now there is a problem. 


‘What is the best way to get rid of belly fat?’ or ‘how do I make my love handles smaller’ or even ‘get in shape in time for bikini season?’ 

Now they search for answers and find a blog post that has all the lovely stuff they’ve been looking for. Huzzah! It links to a local gym they didn’t know about before. 


Now they will consider things like price, location and services. This is where your business comes in with its great services. 


When they are satisfied, they will go with your business. Now you’ve made a sale, and it all started with a well-written blog post that was easy for them to find. 

How Do SEO Copywriters Work?

Here is a look at what working with a professional SEO Copywriter looks like: 

Your Process with a Copywriter

  1. Discussing your goals with an Account Manager
  2. Contacting your Copywriter
  3. Planning content delivery
  4. Answering a content questionnaire 
  5. Campaign in progress
  6. Staying updated
  7. Gathering feedback

A good copywriter will work with you as long as you want to keep improving your results. It is a partnership as content evolves. 

Contacting my SEO Copywriter

The mark of a good Copywriter is that they deeply understand your business and can write effectively in the brand’s tone of voice. 

The best way to do this is with thorough communication with your copywriter. At Reform Digital, we ensure that all of our team works closely with you to create a tailored approach. An initial meeting with your copywriter ensures that they understand the messages you want to convey. If there are any changes that need to be made, you can always reach out to keep them updated regarding the website’s content. 

SEO Copywriter Costs

Since copywriting services cover such a broad range of topics, web pages, and formats, it is extremely difficult to quantify a price for them. 

The best way to get an understanding of SEO Copywriter costs, is to get in touch with our team to discuss your goals and your budget, so we can create a tailored approach for you. Remember, we work with you, and the Copywriter does the same. Whatever the costs, we want you to be comfortable and see a great return on your investment, like the ones found in our case studies

How Is SEO Copywriting Different From UX Copywriting?

Whilst they both have ‘copywriting’ in the name, SEO and UX (User Experience) content differ in a few key ways. 

SEO copy focuses on optimising content for search engines like Google and Bing. By using practices like keywords, meta tags, and link building, the aim is to get a certain webpage to appear higher on search results. The content is also written in such a way that provides value to the customer and leads them towards making a purchase. Ultimately, SEO copywriting is about increasing sales on your website. 

On the other hand, UX copywriting is about enhancing the user’s experience with your business. This can be browsing the home page, going through a POS or even just adjusting their subscriptions. Whatever the case, UX copy needs to be clear, engaging and useful to make the customer confident in making a purchase. The less difficult it is to purchase something, the more likely someone will buy it. UX copy is all about making a customer’s life easier and building customer confidence. 

For all your marketing needs, contact us or call 0385 648 509. With a no-nonsense approach, our SEO Copywriters are here to work with you. 

Harry is an SEO Copywriter at Reform Digital. With a talent for writing, he has been creating stories since he was seven and has translated that passion into providing high-quality content that connects with potential customers and drives sales. With a range of experiences across the marketing industry, no matter the brand size or tone of voice, Harry can provide the right words to build a bridge between customers and their new favourite business!

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