Top 5 Ways Your Website Can Benefit From Copywriting

When it comes to marketing, nothing drives the point home as effectively as words do.

Copywriting has been a part of traditional and digital marketing since the invention of marketing itself. Words deliver messages, brand voices and ideas; they have the unique power to influence people and elicit emotions. It all depends on how it’s done.

At Reform Digital, we pride ourselves on delivering compelling copywriting. Working hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), our copywriting packs an informative punch – which is exactly what you need to make an impact.

What Is Copywriting?

You may imagine Don Draper in a sharp suit, pouring over a brief from a client as he weaves together words that will hit the nail on the head – and you won’t be far off.

SEO copywriting involves both creativity and meticulous detail driven by data and research. In the most general sense, it’s writing for the purpose of marketing.

Copywriting influences brand awareness and perception; it can dictate decisions through persuasiveness, no matter how subtle. Most importantly of all, it delivers information that is both useful and pertinent to what each person is searching for, helping them to find what they need in the most effective way.

Almost every business has some form of SEO copywriting laced into the foundation of their organisation, tied into other essential facets such as social advertising or email marketing. Read on to find out how it can benefit yours.

1. Better Meta Descriptions to Improve CTR

Whenever you Google something, there’s bound to be a meta description under each search result. Meta descriptions are short but punchy, written to summarise your page and ultimately achieve a better click-through rate (CTR).

While meta descriptions range from 145 to 155 characters only, their concise nature is what makes them challenging. Optimising them is vital for SEO, as they help Google understand what your page is all about and why it matters. SEO copywriters can optimise your meta descriptions for you, leading to an improvement in CTR.

2. Better Product Descriptions

While you understand what you offer and why, conveying that to your audience and search engine is equally important.

When talking to your audience, you need to be informative and helpful, keeping the overall tone of your brand consistent throughout. You’re sharing relevant information with them, and products need to be understood by your audience in terms that make sense to them.

At the same time, your search engine needs to be accounted for through SEO copywriting, making sure that key terms or phrases are present in a natural way. Related links to other products or pages should also be shared without overwhelming your audience or the search engine.

3. Better Blogs

A good blog is the foundation of a website with solid Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EEAT). This is the basis for Google’s criteria for evaluating and assessing each website. Blogs written by SEO copywriting experts are a surefire way to solidify that foundation.

As mentioned above, SEO copywriting also relies on data and research. Your blogs will be optimised to give as much salient information as possible while matching your brand’s voice, keeping up with keywords, adding relevant links, and being readable.

4. Better User Experience

The stronger your EEAT, the better you are at answering your customers’ questions. Google values this kind of rich and smooth user experience. As you improve all copywriting-related aspects of your website, you can improve your search engine visibility. This means that when people search for a particular product or service, your business could be one of the first to pop up.

This can increase your traffic, engagement and conversions. The more visible your organisation, the better for your lead generation. SEO copywriting contributes to multiple aspects of your business’s marketing, including user experience, which can lead to an overall uptick in search engine visibility.

5. Better On-Page Content

Streamline your on-page content with SEO copywriting. On-page content encompasses the more overlooked details of copy, including headings and subheadings, internal linking, and images and alt-text. These matter because they contribute to your website’s ranking. Are your headings relevant? Are all of your website’s internal links working as intended? Are your images optimised for loading quickly? Yes, even the time it takes for each of your website’s pages to load can contribute to your ranking.

Your existing on-page content can be audited by SEO copywriting experts, allowing them to review and refine your existing content through digital consultations.

You can take a step towards improving your content today. SEO copywriting is an essential part of digital marketing and offers long-term rewards. 

Reform Digital is here to make the process a seamless one. We believe in transparency and accessibility, bringing the world of digital marketing forward each day. Contact our team today for a free site review and invest in your future. It’s worth it.

Shubhangi is the Lead Copywriter at Reform Digital. She writes for e-commerce brands and helps them find their voice in the middle of thousands of search engine results. She is the editorial mum of the Reform team, and brings her varied background in SEO and UX copywriting to the job. She is dedicated to developing her team's skills and giving out constant TV/movie recommendations.

Before she started writing for the SERP gods, Shubhangi worked in corporate communications and dabbled in technical writing. She completed her masters in Communications and Media Studies, and holds a bachelor's degree in English and Sociology. When she isn't writing or editing, she can be found soaking up the sun with a book or a Su Doku in hand.

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