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The Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Instagram Ads Management to an Agency

Want to know something that you and every other client who comes to Reform Digital have in common? You’ve got better to be doing than managing your Instagram advertising. The role of a business owner requires you to perform many roles. But with the help of an Instagram ads agency, being a marketing manager doesn’t need to be one of them.

Instagram is expected to reach over 2.5 billion users by the end of 2023. So it goes without saying that having an advertising presence on Instagram is a very important part of the marketing puzzle. This is particularly true of e-commerce businesses that benefit most from the quick buying process of Instagram ads. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of outsourcing this crucial marketing medium and how it can affect the bottom line of your business.

The Complexity of Instagram Advertising

When it comes to the purpose of Instagram advertising, the end goal is pretty basic. We want to convert inactive scrollers into active buyers. If only it were that simple! How we do that though is a little bit more complicated, and tends to be the part where those that run it solo tend to fall down.

Platform Specificity

Instagram has a variety of different places to advertise within the app. Those can be on Instagram’s carousel posts, story ads, or IGTV videos. Just to name a few. The way in which ads are created to match each of these mediums is slightly different, and getting a handle across all of them is the best way to see a return on investment in the Instagram space.

Audiences and Algorithms

Understanding a platform and making an ad is a great starting point, but an Instagram marketing campaign is doomed to fail unless it is targeted at the right people. There’s a push-and-pull effect here between audience selection (controlled by the advertiser) and the algorithm (controlled by Instagram). There are ways to influence how the algorithm treats your ads, and knowing how to do it is invaluable.

But the need for a well-thought-out targeting strategy isn’t unique to Instagram alone, and the Meta Ads Manager platform is a powerful tool that allows control of this crucial part of the marketing process. Honing in on important factors such as audience demographics, interests, and behaviours allows you to better utilise the algorithm to your advantage by boosting content relevance, post timeliness and the engagement it receives.

How Outsourcing Can Solve the Instagram Advertising Conundrum

In our opinion, the main benefits of outsourcing your Instagram advertisements can be summarised into three main points. Those are:

Access to Expert Knowledge and Insights

Agencies bring a professional approach to what can be a complex problem. They have the knowledge to lead you down the right path, and the experience to know when to pivot. When you outsource your Instagram advertising to an agency, you gain access to a team of professionals with deep expertise in the field. 

They possess comprehensive knowledge about the best practices, trends, and tools. Moreover, they can provide valuable insights drawn from their experience with various clients and industries. This level of expertise can be challenging to maintain in-house, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether you’re e-commerce or lead gen, agencies know how to bring the customers to you.

More Time to Prioritise Your Core Competencies

Outsourcing Instagram ads management to an agency allows business owners and internal teams to refocus their time and energy on what they do best: their core business functions. 

Whether it’s product development, customer service, or strategic planning, these are the aspects of your business that only you can handle. Meanwhile, your digital marketing agency can take care of creating, implementing, and monitoring your Instagram ad campaigns. This ensures you’re not spreading your resources too thin and helps maintain a high standard of productivity and efficiency across your operations. Ultimately, you get to prioritise where your skills and time are most useful.

Improved Branding and Image

Public knowledge and perception of your brand can make a huge difference to the business’s bottom line. This can be the case for local service-based businesses as much as it can be for large e-commerce ones. Not only do agencies know this, but they’re also well-versed in how to improve branding and image. Agencies that can do both organic and paid Instagram can align your brand voice and representation. With Reform Digital, you can take a hands-on approach and be a part of your content strategy every step of the way.

Increased Reach and Engagement

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your Instagram ads management is the potential for increased reach and engagement. Digital marketing agencies have the tools and expertise to target your ads effectively, ensuring they get in front of the right audience. They understand the nuances of Instagram’s algorithms and can tailor your campaigns accordingly. 

Better still, agencies are skilled in creating compelling ad content that not only attracts attention but encourages interaction, whether it’s likes, comments, shares, or clicks. This enhanced reach and engagement can significantly improve your brand visibility and boost conversions, contributing positively to your business’s bottom line.

Up-to-date knowledge

It’s literally the job of agencies to be up with the latest trends and updates. Instagram may appear the same from the outside, but in actual fact, the goalposts are constantly moving. Keeping up is a full-time job in itself.

The Benefits of Partnering with Reform Digital

Reform Digital is an ideal choice to partner with for your Instagram marketing. But as much as we’d love for you to take our word for it, we thought we’d throw in an example of our results. We have been advertising across various platforms (Instagram and Facebook included) for Factory Buys for over three years.

Our ads have been placed on feeds, stories, reels, explore pages, search pages and marketplace pages throughout both platforms. Factory Buys have had various campaigns over the years, with a recent one producing a 7x return on their ad spend (ROAS). This has led to over one million impressions, reaching 372,000 individual accounts. 

To further highlight the importance of strategy and craft in these numbers, our ads team have worked to strike the right balance of repetition in order to make the product and our retargeting efforts stick. In doing so, Factory Buys ads are appearing 2.7 times in front of each account that sees them. It’s important to note that this number needs to be within a certain range. It is common to need to put a product in front of a user more than once before buying decisions are made. But at the same time, do not overdo it, as this creates annoyance while also wasting ad budget on people who won’t buy. 

By partnering with an Australian agency like Reform Digital, you’re partnering with an agency that understands the nuances of digital advertising in the Australian market. Not fully convinced yet? Get in touch with one of our team members, and they’ll happily run you through what Reform Digital can do for your business.

Alex is an SEO copywriter at Reform Digital. He talks a lot and writes almost as much. He has an undying love for words and the many ways we use them to communicate, and takes that same view into my writing.

No matter your brand tone or style, you can count on him to dive head-first into writing quirky copy that your customers (and Google) will love!

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The Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your Instagram Ads Management to an Agency

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