The 5 best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2020

Shopify offers a plethora of different apps for a range of different purposes and often it can be overwhelming deciding which apps will help your website and which ones are just a waste of space. In today’s competitive digital landscape, having a a visually great and highly functional Shopify website can set you apart from competitors and a large part of improving their User Experience is having the right apps installed in the back end.

In this article, we will highlight 5 of the best Shopify Apps for your business to improve sales in 2020.

1. Facebook Messenger Chat Live

If you haven’t been informed yet, a large portion of Australian’s are on Facebook. It is also interesting to point out that a fair few people still don’t trust online shopping and would like to discuss their purchase prior to providing their credit card details and pressing that ever important “add to cart” button on your Shopify store.

This is where Facebook Messenger Chat Live comes in, it allows people who have Facebook to talk with one of your staff to get a better idea on their purchase and often, this can be the thing that gets them across the line. Especially when your product is a reasonably high value conversions ($1,000 or more), some customers might need to take the extra step and get some further info before buying from you.

Facebook Messenger Chat Live is free and a no brainer for business looking for a quick and reliable live chat function on their Shopify website to help assist with getting a few extra conversions in 2020.

2. Klaviyo

Some will argue that email marketing is dead….. RUBBISH! Email marketing is still alive and adds plenty of value to ecommerce businesses. Klaviyo is an amazing technology that allows you to get your email automation game on point.

With Klaviyo, you can send abandon cart emails, newsletters, custom emails based on what your customers have purchased and so many more things and all this functionality is free (up until 1,000 emails in your database) which makes it an incredible value for the first stages of your Shopify website’s existence.

On average, websites with Klvaiyo see an increase of up to 67% when they use Klaviyo and being able to provide smaller and smarter product recommendations to your audience makes it an incredibly useful tool for you to use at your disposal.

3. Google Shopping

If you are selling on Shopify and you aren’t giving Google Shopping a go, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity!

Google Shopping allows you to connect your Google Merchant Centre to your Shopify account, sync your products, connect a Google Ads account and create a Smart Shopping campaign that can produce you fantastic Return On Ad Spend.

Think about it, you have made a Shopify store to sell and Google Shopping is Google’s attempt to make a dedicated sales platform – this is a match made in heaven!

4. ProveSource Social Proof

You don’t know what social proof is? You should! Social Proof is things that generate trust in your audience like reviews and testimonials. This means that you can see other people’s experience with your website, product or service and based on their judgement, it can give you a more positive perception of the offering.

According to a Five9 survey, 77% of customers would do business with a company because of high brand loyalty from their friends or peers. That’s staggering! Provesource automatically tracks purchases made on your store and allows you to display those purchases on your website with intrusive notifications to new users.

This increases your ecommerce conversion rate overall and allows your existing customers to sell for you, drastically improving and building trust with your potential customers.

5. Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar allows customers to receive free shipping whenever a large order is placed on your Shopify store. Free Shipping is one of the biggest conversion hurdles for most customers as they do not want to pay to get their products sent to them.

If you can find a way to include free shipping in your offering, it will help improve your conversions and improve your customers experience from the outset and Free Shipping Bar is an app that completely owns that and notifies your customers that you offer it.

It might be a cost worth wearing if it makes you sell a lot more product…. Just saying!

Improve your Shopify performance by using all or some of these Shopify Apps and make 2020 a profitable year for your store. Remember, most of these are free and will take you very little time to implement, so utilise the platform you are using and dive into some sale amplifying apps today!


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