How To Build a Solid Social Media Funnel

Social Media marketing has had crazy amounts of growth in recent times and it is an extremely popular method of digital marketing and brand awareness in 2020. Whether it is driving sales to your ecommerce store or bring quality traffic to your service pages and pushing for enquiries, social media marketing has an expansive range of ways in which you can get your message out to the world.

In order to get the most out of your social media campaigns, it is really important to fully understand a social funnel for your business and how your users take each step to understand your offering and eventually become a customer. There are plenty of different “marketing funnels” you can find online, but this particular sales funnel is the one we want to look at for this post:

Awareness: This is where potential customers and a general audience can become aware of your brand and your offering. This is the traffic that is the least intent driven and least likely to convert in their initial interaction with your brand, but making them aware may lead to them investigating further and becoming a potential customer down the track.

Interest: People are now aware of your brand and they are becoming interested and engaged with your movements. This may make them read your ad and even click through to a landing page or product page based on their interest.

Consideration: This step is where they are now looking at your product or service and considering if it suits their wants and needs. The consideration stage is a tipping point for whether they are about to commit to you or whether they look elsewhere, so it is a very important stage.

Conversion: This is the final step of the initial funnel where the customer purchases or submits an enquiry with your brand. This is the aim of all campaigns to end up at.

Loyalty (special mention): It isn’t on the above funnel image, but after purchasing, customers then enter a loyalty stage where they continue to support and purchase from your brand, in turn becoming “loyal” to you as a customer.

Don’t be narrow minded

A common mistake that occurs in digital marketing is everyone looks for “quick wins” which is putting all of their energy in the bottom of the funnel in the “consideration” and “conversion” stages, which can result in you pushing these traffic sources too hard and potentially exhausting this audience without bringing in new eyes to your offering. It is of course possible to run conversion campaigns to an audience who hasn’t engaged with your brand before, but customers are far more savvy these days and this can result in your potential and existing customers sensing too much of a sales focused pitch instead of offering valuable content and building brand awareness to improve user trust.

It isn’t always a quick fix

A lot of companies who “sap together” a social media campaign look for the easiest entry to market that results in conversions and they want results to happen immediately. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes in building a proper digital funnel through any traffic source and for social media, it is vital that you continually nurture your funnel and re-engage users in all stages of the funnel to produce the best results. Remember, to scale your and improve your revenue streams, you need to have a holistic plan and this comes from producing new customers, whilst keeping your existing clients engaged and loyal to your brand.

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