6 Facebook Ad Hacks You Need To Know In 2021

It’s absolutely crazy to us that even in the year 2021, we still hear people saying “Facebook Advertising is a hoax” and “All the money just goes to Zuckerberg” even when time and time again, we prove that our clients gain incredible traffic and top notch conversion from well though out Facebook Ad campaigns.

With the amount of misinformation available to the public and a lack of help educating from agencies, it seems to be getting worse and worse. Often a blog article from an unknown source can be taken on as FACT and this is where things can become murky. Luckily, data doesn’t lie and we have some pretty strong case studies on our website that show how social ads can help you build some strong returns. 

If done correctly, Facebook can be an extremely effective source of traffic and conversions and we have highlighted some Ad Hacks to be considered for any future campaigns:


The magic of social media is testing different creatives and different audiences with those creatives to get the best engaging / highest performing campaigns. You should be treating your social ads strategy as if it were your year 7 science class where you put different substances in a vile being heated by a bunsen burner – some of them will burn a hole in your work station, others will turn into a delicious magic remedy that gives you super powers. The reason you should continually do this is that the data doesn’t lie, so even if you have an opinion on a certain creative or audience, by testing all the possible variations, the data will tell you whats working best and allow you to dedicate more budget into the highest performing campaigns, which in turn brings you in more revenue/leads.

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2. Increase brightness of all creative by 30% – 50%

Interestingly, brighter images = more engagement. Who would have thought? Now this probably goes against the above comment of testing everything, because you should definitely test this before claiming it, but we have done thousands of campaigns for our clients and 99.9% of the time, brightening your creative works incredibly well.

A great example is a client of ours who sells scrap book accessories. We split test a piece of creative at its normal brightness and then a second ad with 45% increased brightness and the Return On Ad Spend jumped from 4.5X ROAS to 11X ROAS within a month. This campaign optimisation was done 6 months ago and is still their highest performing ad creative at the moment, which is just 1 of many examples of this cheeky little hack working a treat!

Think about it from a psychological perspective, your potentially customers see thousands of messages on a social media feed each day and something that is bright and inviting may be the difference of skimming past it and actually taking a second to notice the creative. This is the first step of the buyers journey, which can lead them to purchase and improve our returns immediately.

3. Look a bit deeper

Creative + Audience + Ad type. Done right? WRONG!

Facebook has so many data segmentations available that some of the craftiest and most effective ways to optimise or “hack” campaigns is to dive deeper into them. You can view performance based on Age, Gender, Placements, Timezones, Device, Location and plenty more, so by looking and analysing this data you can truly identify your audiences behaviour and make critical calls on when to push campaigns. 

Recently, we noticed on a client of ours (who sells FPV drones) campaign that performance dropped dramatically on the weekend, which allowed us to make some changes and heavily reduce budget on Saturday’s and Sundays. The following month was this clients best revenue month from social which improved by a whopping 38% based on this change.

The morale of the story – the deeper you dig, the more treasure you find!

Treasure chest by Yanichkin for OK on Dribbble

4. Avoid Ad Fatigue

What is ad fatigue you ask? It’s that point where you’ve seen an ad a million times and you are sick of it, so you have lost any motivation to interact with the ad what so ever. Ad frequency can have a pretty damning impact on Click Through Rate and Cost Per Click with Facebook Ad campaigns, so keeping an eye on which ads are going out and how frequently can save you a lot of money and help improve campaign performance in return.

This comes back to the split testing point above, but by refreshing creative, you increase the likelihood of your audience engaging with your ads and this will help them convert more. The other trick here, particularly with retargeting ads, is to choose how long they run for. Facebook allows you to chose how long a retargeting ad will be in someones feed and some popular timeframes are 7 days and 30 days. Handling your retargeting ads and ensuring they are fresh in your audiences eyes will help you to build a sleek campaign of visual goodies.

5. Use Dynamic Retargeting! 

We mentioned it in the above point, but it is absolutely baffling to see how many ad accounts aren’t using retargeting ads. A retargeting ad is a specific ad that is shown to a potential customer after they have visited your website.

A dynamic retargeting ad using a product feed and shows the final product a potential customer was looking at on your website when they left and presents that product in an ad to them. This is an absolutely killer way of getting conversions over the line as the users intent is normally on the final product they were viewing on the website and by highlighting this to your customers, you are giving yourself every chance of selling that product.

The major feedback of retargeting ads is “they are annoying and I hate receiving them myself” – well yes, that’s the point isn’t it? They might be annoying, but they are constantly in people’s faces and they give the best opportunity for customers to come back to your website and finish what they started.

6. Do you have repeat purchases?

Is your product a product that someone will come back and buy again? If the answer is yes, then Facebook Ads have you covered. By creating post-purchase campaigns, you can encourage users to come back to the website and purchase again, or purchase new/similar products as well.

A good example would be coffee pods. Once someone has bought your coffee pods, used them and enjoyed them, they will more than likely come back for more. If you advertise to this audience with a particular targeting window (say 80 days), you can effectively entice each pool of customers you have and get the most out of their next transaction with you.

If you are looking to improve customer loyalty and increase returning customers, this is an ideal hack to give a try!

Returning Customers And Their Hidden Benefits to Your Business - Freshchat  Blog


The above 6 Facebook hacks have all had huge impacts on our clients campaigns and should be some gems for you to test in your social media strategies. Remember, quality content always wins out, so ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to convert by making sure you have incredible quality content and giving the above hacks a go at the same time. We can’t wait to hear how you perform!


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